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片側のリーゲルテレスコープ義歯の場合はどんな入れ歯になるの?What happens to the Riegel telescopic prosthesis of the unilateral distal-extended ?


・Initial visit
The patient said with a very gloomy face. "I have a pain in it when I eat with this denture. Because a denture loosens while I talk, I cannot talk. It is awkward that I cannot sing the song which is a hobby".

・After prosthesis
The patient talked with a very bright expression with pleasure. "I can chew well and do not have a pain in it. I became able to sing a song with all one's might".


What's Riegel telescope denture ?  リーゲルテレスコープ義歯とは

What kind of dentures is Riegel telescope denture?
There is a key hole to the inner crown to cover one's tooth with, and a denture is accompanied by the lever that it becomes a key.
When you put dentures and lock it, it is fixed and does not work.
・You can chew well
・It is easy to talk
・The public eye does not understand that it is dentures
・Hygienic (You remove it and can wash it)
・Last a long time (usable all the time even when repairing it)
There is such a merit.
Popular in Germany.


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